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Various types of massages. The Swedish massage, massage ayurvedic, massage thaillandais, massage shiatsu, massage of the head, massage of the feet, massage Zen, therapeutic massage…

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  • Massage shiatsu video - qigong - do in

    Massage shiatsu- massage qigong - do-in massage shiatsu - do-in, automassage (pressure of the finger).


    The shiatsu is a form of therapy relatively modern and Zen which becomes very popular in occident from its effectiveness.

  • Takeout Massage Furniture

    At Takeout Massage we strive to provide customers with the very best quality by enlisting experienced and friendly personal care professionals who love their work.

  • hawaiian massage

    The Hawaiien massage comes from the Hawaii islands to Polynesia. It is a massage of relaxation and wellbeing which is done directly on the skin using a great quantity of oil of massage.

  • head massage massage of face and cranium

    The massage of face and the massage of cranium are a particularly pleasant experiment and the majority of the people will be astonished as for the quantity by tension who are in the head and on the face, in particular around the jaw. You could possibly practise the massage of the head alone or in combination with massage of the back and the shoulders. massage of the face:

  • californian massage


    This touch the listening of the other is one of the bases of the Californian massage, a nonmedical method of massage appeared in the Sixties in the United States.

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