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Various types of massages. The Swedish massage, massage ayurvedic, massage thaillandais, massage shiatsu, massage of the head, massage of the feet, massage Zen, therapeutic massage…

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  • Natural medicine thalassotherapy exhitition

    The largest well-beig exhibition in France
    310 exhibitors – 31,000 visitors (figures certified by the
    Infora Institute).

  • californian massage


    This touch the listening of the other is one of the bases of the Californian massage, a nonmedical method of massage appeared in the Sixties in the United States.

  • industrial massage

    industrial massage

    Also appellé “massage on the site” or “massage on chair”, the industrial massage aims to reduce if not make disappear the stress accumulated in work period.

  • kashmiri massage

    Massage in the tradition shivaïte of the Cashmere still called Kashmiri Massage

    Technically, the massage is founded on the yogic knowledge of the body and the subtle experiment of the 108 marmas or energy points, similar to the points of acupuncture, and which are connected by the movements of the masseur.

  • Massage shiatsu video - qigong - do in

    Massage shiatsu- massage qigong - do-in massage shiatsu - do-in, automassage (pressure of the finger).


    The shiatsu is a form of therapy relatively modern and Zen which becomes very popular in occident from its effectiveness.

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