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  • video massage palmar hand reflexology

    video massage palmar
    hand refloxology

    How to give a massage of the hand To employ a vegetable oil of good quality such as the grape seed or the sweet almond To start by pouring approximately half of a spoon with oil coffee on the palm of your hand, then to rub the oil surplus your two palms

  • Foot massage videos - How to give a massage of the feet

    Techniques of the massage foot were developed the first time in China and ancient Egypt. They were developed based on a theory called the reflexology which declared that that the application of the pressure to various parts of the foot could have a significant impact on the remainder of the body.

  • Video massage on chair amma

    Ancestor of the shiatsu We tend to think that the most widespread massage on chair is possible by the massage shiatsu, but it should be known that the real technique is even older, and is practised specifically on a chair. This ancestral technique names “amma”.

  • lesson of massage video

    lesson of massage, massage of the back Here a 6 minutes video which proposes a lesson of massage to you. You will be able to learn shaving, pressure slipped, rolled palpated, milked drawn, stretching, combing, vibration, percussions...

  • Thai massage and ayurvedic massage videos

    Massage ayurvedic in Thailand like นวดแผนโบราณ (Nuat phaen the boran, IPA boraːn of pʰɛn of nuɑt], which translates correctly only as the ancient massage or a traditional massage, this form of massage is also known as a Thai ancient massage, the traditional Thai massage, the Thai massage of yoga, the massage of yoga, the Thai traditional massage, the body thaïe, passive yoga or helped yoga.

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